All About Me

I was raised in the Central Cariboo in the heart British Columbia and moved to the Peace Region in Northern BC to be with my husband in 2010.  We have 3 beautiful children.

He bought me my first DSLR camera for my birthday in 2013.  A Nikon D3100. I was none too pleased.  Our children were so young that I figured I had no use for a camera that fancy, and that my kids would break it. I had made it clear I did not want a camera like this. 

During 2013-2015 I had allowed myself to fall into a deep depression and can openly admit that I had a drinking problem.  I had gained a massive 80lbs in a short year and half span. I was miserable.  Then at the start of the summer of '15 I ran into a fellow local photographer at a nearby lake who told me to join the "Peace Adventure Photographers Club" on facebook and the images I saw on that page sparked my curiosity.  I needed to know how. Another local photographer had taken the time to show me how to use the manual mode and I just sort of went from there.  

 Then the November of '15 I went to a local Photographers meet,  At this point I was not a photographer I was just learning.  But I went way out of my element and comfort zone and went to this meet up.  It changed my life forever.  I made some great friends and have learned so much. 

Today I am sober. I have lost the weight (most of it lol)  that I gained during my darker years. And I am happy, which has always been a struggle for me. Photography changed my life and who I am forever. And we still meet once a month for our photographers meet.  It has turned into my favourite night of the month. 

What I Love

Aurora Borealis

The Aurora is something I have been trying to successfully photograph for a couple years.  It sure is tricky if your trying to teach yourself. Luckily where I am located we have an amazing community of photographers who dont mind sharing their knowledge. 


Sunrise..  My absolute favourite.  There is nothing better then watching the sun rise each and every day.  That first light of day is just as amazing as it was the day before


Nighttime.  Light trails, Star trails, the Milky Way, Night time photography is pretty self explanatory for how amazing it really is.  I want to go deeper and learn more on astrophotography I am in love with the night time sky

What Else I Love

Family Photos and portraits are so much fun.  I love looking back on moments I was able to capture.  Wether its a 1st birthday cake smash or a beautiful couple celebrating an amazing 50 years together. 

 I will give it my all to make sure you are happy with the moments and memories I helped you capture.  I look forward to continuing to grow and better myself as a family photographer So I can help people capture those precious moments and make incredible memories that last a lifetime. 

What I shoot with

As I previously mentioned My husband bought me the Nikon D3100 with the 18-55mm lens.  Then the 55-200mm lens and those are what I learned on.  I pushed my little nikon as far as I could and it taught me well.  

September of '16 I bought my nifty fifty and started doing family photos.  Its alot of fun to get creative with family sessions.

April of last year I bought the Sigma 10-20mm lens.. It was a huge game changer for my landscape. 

And finally last September I bought the Nikon D7500 and I am IN LOVE.   People always ask why not a full frame.  I have every intention of eventually upgrading to a full frame.  I am still so new in my journey and dont expect this is a passion I will loose..