Jasper, Alberta

So I get it. I dont have alot of all these amazing pictures like what you would normally see come out of Jasper.  But again this was our first trip. And we have 3 kids with us.  So that does limit us a bit.

The night we got to Jasper after we checked in and had dinner, and we drove up to Pyramid Lake.  Sure wish there was no ice.  I would have loved to see all those reflections. For sunset we just went out of town a little bit and I attempted a few long exposures.  I also unproudly had a stupid tourist moment.. All those elk down at the railroads were pretty cool.  I got out of the truck because I saw an angle I wanted.  Then a young bull elk started to make his way up the bank.  My husband and I both snapped a few pictures, then I realized I was one of those stupid tourists and was not ok with the situation. So we got back in the truck and kept our distance.   I didnt get close.  I used my zoom lens.  But I couldn't believe how close some of the tourists got to this young bull. They all flocked to him.  I felt bad for him he was basically cornered.. Stupid tourists. 

On our only full day that we had we drove out to the ice fields and made some stops along the way.  Like at Sunwapta Falls.. Which was pretty cool.  We didnt get to explore there as much as we would've liked.. The trails were pretty icy and my son fell and landed hard on his tailbone.  Then started to slide down the hill not by choice.  So I snapped a few pictures and we left.  It was really nothing special so no I did not share any of those pictures.  

It took us about 2 1/2 hours to get to the ice fields. And when we got there the wind was howling.  It was pretty crazy the weather change. And again with our 3 kids we were not there for long.  Long enough to snap a few pics and take a few selfies.  I would like to spend some more time there and maybe go into the Icefield centre which was close for renovations.

It was crazy busy that day.  We saw a lot, and we drove a lot.   We were planning on staying for a second full day.  But we had been away from home for 8 days and all three kids had been fighting sickness off and it was just time to go home.  It was with a heavy heart I watched the mountains disappear out the side mirror of the truck.  

It was absolutely a 40 hour trip that I am going to be forever grateful for.